Office of the City Manager

Richard Maranda - City Manager

Richard Miranda

City Manager


The mission of the City Manager’s Office is to provide an environment that instills trust and confidence in the City of Tucson government and supports the delivery of the highest quality municipal services to residents. Key goals I have set for myself and our organization include:

  • Enhancing service delivery to our residents.  Irrespective of budget constraints or shortage of staffing, Tucson residents expect and deserve quality public services that are delivered efficiently and effectively.
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and professionalism.  We will provide management systems that establish process, order, and discipline so that we may meet the expectations of our citizenry.
  • Making the City of Tucson observable to the public.  Government must be as open and transparent as possible and we need to have processes in place that articulate what we are doing as an organization to include the disseminating of critical information that is timely and factual.
  • Incorporating service excellence as the central tenet in all we do.  An attitude of leadership, customer service, and problem solving is expected of all employees at all times.

Given the caliber of employees working for the City of Tucson, and the many wonderful assets we have as a community, the future is bright for the City of  Tucson.  I appreciate your comments and feedback on continued improvements we can make to our organization and to our City.

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