Diversity Program

The City of Tucson Diversity Team was formed in September 2006. These 28 amazing and diverse employees represent various departments and positions throughout the City. The Team came together and worked diligently to bring forward ideas and suggestions on how the City can better serve the community and the workforce in a way that is supportive, inclusive, respectful, and free of intolerance and discrimination.

Our goal is to create awareness and build a culture where differences are understood, diversity is recognized and appreciated, and all employees and members of the community are valued and included, and treated with dignity and respect.

Some of the many suggestions were to create a web site, a newsletter, and a diversity calendar. This web site will allow the Team to showcase all of those suggestions. This site is a way to connect with and inform both the community and City employees about the many dimensions of diversity.

We believe that diversity matters to every single one of us.  It is the diversity that each of us brings to the workplace and to this community that provides the foundation for the success of these efforts. In order for us to thrive and survive as a workforce and as a community, each of us must be aware and sensitive to all members of our work community and the community in which we live. When all segments of the population are respected, included, and utilized, we become the grand beneficiaries of wonderful things and things unimagined.

We invite everyone to join us on our journey, enjoy the web site, share the newsletter, and experience the events and activities of our diverse community.